How to Identify Headhopping

Point of View: Vanquish Head Hopping and Identify Your Narrator

By Kim Gore

We’ve all done it. Written a story from our character’s vantage point. Added details to make it feel authentic. Described our character with amazing acuity. And then an editor or critique partner takes a look at our incredible work and asks, “Okay, but who is the main character?”

It’s like getting splashed with a bucket of cold water. Because, duh, isn’t it obvious? But no. It isn’t always. In this hands-on presentation, Kim Gore will demonstrate how to make your main character obvious to the reader, and how to recognize when you’re doing that horrid “head-hopping” writers grumble about.

We’ll be pulling out our acting skills for this one, so be prepared to be in the spotlight. You won’t want to miss your fellow writers getting their thespian on.

This is the presentation topic for the May meeting. Come visit us to gain more information.

Introduction to WordPress

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, the presentation starting at about 10:15 AM, will be an introduction to WordPress given by Sue Spitulnik.

Sue has a blog at, which is a WordPress-hosted site, and she recently designed, with input from the members, and built the new site for Lilac City Rochester Writers using WordPress. If you are on the site and look around, it looks like an easy project. But Sue will tell you she did everything multiple times to learn how to make the site easy to traverse, attractive, and user-friendly for anyone that doesn’t know how to write computer code. On Saturday, she will show the group some of the things she learned so they can build their own free sites.

It might be an idea to bring your laptop so you can follow along as Sue shows you what the tool buttons do, how to add pages, how to add a post, and use the chat feature.