Welcome to our website. If this is your first time here, you may be wondering what LCRW stands for. About 15 years ago, the number of members in Lilac City Romance Writers who specialized in romance books was declining while other members were looking for more depth in all genres. The Lilac City Rochester Writers was born.

          Currently, members come from all levels of writing experience and, combined, include most writing genres. We strive to help each other through informal conversations, informative programs, and structured peer review critique sessions.

          Meetings are generally on the fourth Saturday of each month from 9:00 to Noon at the Town of Gates Campus, 1605 Buffalo Road. Coffee, tea, and a selection of light breakfast fare are available. You will note that we’ve posted a schedule of events from January to December. A planning meeting held each year in January firms up known speakers and allows the members to hash out ideas for open dates. Because we have the necessary equipment for hybrid meetings, we are able to attract out-of-town speakers.

          If interested, you are invited to come to one meeting as our guest. We hope the experience will draw you back. At least six meetings involve topics ranging from writing technique, story-telling, and point of view to the publishing process and on to building your readership. Three structured critiques provide an opportunity for our members to have multiple sets of friendly eyes offer useful advice to tweak one of their pieces.

          We encourage interested writers at all stages of development to attend one meeting free of charge. Membership at the annual rate of $20.00 is available for persons 18 years of age or older.

          Please remember that the purpose of our Association is to provide networking opportunities, feedback, education, and motivational support to our members. We hope you will come to visit us.