Writing Prompt

Most writing groups or books on writing will explain, to become a better writer, write often or daily. So what should you write about? If you are a new writer, and not working on a specific project, or you have been working on the same project for a time and want a break, find a prompt and write a poem or short scene following the prompts instructions.

There are many websites where you can find a prompt, so you will only find one prompt a month on the LCRW website. There will be a short essay about “something” and then the instruction to write about something mentioned in the essay. No, this is not a unique idea. It’s borrowed from other sites.

The following prompt was s written by Joe Mele, LCRW’s Vice President.: I’ve found that prompts from other writers have opened previously hidden doors, and engendered different perspectives on events.

As an example, here’s a light-hearted prompt: If you are too young to know these TV character sets, you could research them and then write, or pick two sets of like characters and answer the question. There is no word count attached to this prompt. Try explaining your thoughts succinctly but thoroughly. You can post your answer in the comments section to get a conversation with other writers started. Have fun.

Of the following sets of TV characters, who would win in a battle of muscle or wits – and why?

Ponch and John  vs. Starsky and Hutch

Matlock vs. Barnaby Jones

Jeannie vs. Samantha

Columbo vs. Monk

Baretta vs. Magnum