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Shahanna King

Who I am is a long list of experiences, some epiphanies and some sheer luck.  In short, I am a full time office worker with three children and passion for writing.  Even though I am passionate for writing, I am also flighty enough to not have any finished any works to get published.

When I am not pushing past writers block or answering for the third time “What’s for dinner?”  I can be found studying Japanese language, watching anime or reading manga.

Currently, I am working on two different stories with two different methods to see which one will work better for me at completing a manuscript.  I have found that while I have a complete story hashed out in an outline, I feel like I wrote it already so that poses a problem of get the real work on the paper.  The other story has no outline but has a thought out beginning and an end but getting the “meat and potatoes” of it down is the challenge.  I still believe that the concepts of the stories are my strongest yet, so I am confident that with a little extra focus I will finish.





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