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Observe and be Grateful

Was the stoplight really green? From which way was the wind blowing from this morning? When was the last time you located the Big Dipper in the evening sky? In this hectic world of ours odds are you were not able to answer any of the above questions.

Welcome to “Observations of Alex Perch” a five year journal reordered by Alex, and shared with the world through me the author, with the hopes that it might awaken a mutual respect between advisories; Man Vs Trophy. The monthly entrees vary. Some contain mini adventures. Others present interesting tidbits of information. Many are simple observations. While others offer words of wisdom. Yes Alex is a perch, a fresh water fish. In this case, residing in Chaumont Bay in the Thousand Islands region of New York.    

While neither Alex nor I are totally opposed to ambition, there needs to be a balance. Life is too short. Hopefully we will be able to persuade you take time out to live in the present moment every now and then. In doing so you will begin to see overlooked blessings in your life. Hopefully you will learn to be grateful for these blessings and more. 


As one advances in age, we spend more and more time reflecting on times and events in the past. “Observations of Alex Perch” is a collection of reflections, adventures and observations of one Alex Perch (me) a fresh water perch. Originally I’m from the Finger Lakes region of New York. I eventually found myself living in the Thousand Island Region. It’s pretty up here, but it can be brutal in the wintertime.

Two other individuals, whom I will refer to from time to time in the chapters to follow, are Captain Dan, and Captain Steve, neither is really a captain in real life. Nope, they are just your average recreational sport fishermen, each with the same quest; to catch the Big One. A trophy fish, to display on their dining room wall, to prove to their friends and family that they have the talents and skills to land such a beauty. Unfortunately they have yet to learn that it is not the trophy that matters, but the journey and adventure along the way.

Please have a seat, relax and see if you too have shared some of the same experiences, thoughts and or adventures in life.     





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