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Sidelined by Steroids

BarbaraHelene Smith just published Sidelined by Steroids. The second Connie Murphy Mystery e-book, available on Amazon.com.

Sidelined by Steroids

Connie Murphy is an FDA investigator who is dedicated to protecting public safety. While conducting seemingly routine inspections, intrigue and danger intervene. In Sidelined by Steroids, Connie is in southern California to instruct new investigators. While there she is assigned to participate on an Interagency Steroid Task Force in San Diego. However, the Task Force does not take Connie’s female presence seriously. Undeterred, she attacks their make-work assignments with her typical stubborn determination and uncovers vital information. She is convinced another illegal steroid shipment from Mexico is imminent, but the Task Force is too busy to listen. Connie travels alone to the border to follow the suspect shipment, biting off more than she can handle and putting her life in danger.





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