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Halloween Anthology

Once again, the Barnes & Noble writer’s group anthology is open to others as they publish their eighth annual Halloween Anthology.  Over the last years they have had a lot of fun with this and written some truly wonderful stories.

If you write a story or poem, it will be included.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get your name out there.

There have been a few changes to the guidelines, so please read the entire list.  And please, for Kim’s sake, try to follow them.

Kim is the final arbiter of everything that goes into the anthology and the order of the stories.  Please, don’t make special requests.  They are too hard to remember and not fair to the other authors.

You may submit:

    • one short story of up to 10,000 words OR
    • one short story and one poem of up to 10,000 words total OR
    • two poems.

This is a Halloween anthology. Halloween must play some part in your story or poem(s).  It doesn’t have to the driving factor, but it must be a part.  (Kim is very liberal with this, but it must be done,)

Your story must be appropriate for a 14 year old and up.

Certain words will not be accepted.  You know what they are.  Politics and religion should be kept to a minimum.  (See the first bullet.)

Send your story to both Kim and me.  (run_in_place@yahoo.com, and writingsbysay@yahoo.com).  (In previous books we each had a manuscript the other didn’t.)

The deadline for submission is Thursday, September 19, 2019.

If you have published something since October 2018 let us know.  (Put it in your email body – not part of your manuscript.)  We will try to put your name as one of the searchable authors.  Otherwise, we will rotate in people who have not been on the list.

Do not send your manuscript until it is ready.  Whatever we receive first will be the version printed.  Corrections and replacements will not be allowed.  (It gets absolutely crazy keeping track of which version is the final one.)  When you send it, that’s it.   It is suggested that you wait until the final week to submit so you can make all your corrections/edits.

You are responsible for edits.  We won’t have time to do a formal critique.  However, we are a great group, and I know our members will help.  (Or bring it to one of our critique sessions.)  Let me know if you want to send a critique request for your story and I will send it out.  Be sure to include the manuscript size and the genre.  (I constantly hear, “I just don’t understand fantasy.”)  And, never, never, never send out a first draft.  It is best to have what you think is your final draft critiqued.  Keep in mind, if you wait to send out a critique request until the last minute, no one will have the time to help. 

Do not use a header or footer.  (That means do not use page numbering.)  Do not number your lines for your entry.   Do use 12 point Times Roman or Courier.  Do send it in .doc .docx or .rtf format.  (All major office suites allow you to save in those formats.)  Do not use .pdf format.  A .pdf file is a photograph, not a document we can use.  Do not send your document in the body of an email.  While it can be converted, it is not Kim’s job to do that for you.  (A large portion of Kim’s time is wasted adjusting all the stories to these criteria to publish it.  Let’s try to give her a break.)

It’s not a requirement, but it is nice to include a short bio at the end of your story.  Perhaps include where/how a reader can contact you.

We give the anthology out for free five times in October, so this is not a money-making project.  However, any funds generated will be donated to a reading-related charity.

* Exceptions are in the rules.





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