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By Joseph Mele, Jr.


Lately, I've had more than one story in the works at the same time—a separate notebook for each one, or more precisely, a loose pile of notes and reference material that aspires to, one day, assemble itself into a coherent narrative.

The stories are sometimes in sharp focus, but, most often, they're percolating in the back of my brain—like Glen Campbell sings "Gentle on my mind".

Any time of the day or night, I might add to or change a narrative, and the piles of notes grow slowly. When the mess becomes too chaotic to tolerate, I sit in front of my PC and consolidate my scribbling into a Word Doc, or a Scrivener file, and the story advances.

Is there a tip in all this?

Near as I can deduce, the tip is:

  • Be willing to indulge in some chaos

For me, the creative process requires both order and chaos.

If it's too orderly, where's the adventure in it?

Oh, and I've been using Merriam-Webster's online thesaurus a lot.





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