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January 23, 2021

Meetings will be held virtually

Business Meeting and
Hit Me With Your Bets Tip

LCRW's First Ever Virtual Business Meeting!

New Officers will take their position
Set the agenda for the year.

  • Dates of meeting will be set.
  • Determine the months we have a critique session
  • Decide on a membership/fund raising path forward
  • 250-Word One Week Challenge
  • Fortunately - Unfortunately Writing Challenge
  • The Guest Chair
  • LCRW Book Podcast
  • LCRW equipment library
  • Much more

Bring you best tips. Here's a sample:

Music: Just like in a film, I find that the right music sets the tone of a story. Just like you wouldn't have a film without music, I use soundtracks when I write to set the tone.


February 27

Meetings will be held virtually

Poetry Workshop

LCRW's First Ever Virtual Poetry Meeting!

Come one, come all, for a great learning haul,
It's time to hear about poems that you might scrawl,
Be taught some skill so words you don't maul,
Gather now and learn how not to sound like a Neanderthal.






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  • January 23: Annual Business neeting and Hit Me With Your Best Tip
  • February 27: Poetry workshop with M.J. Iuppa
  • March 27: Critique session
  • April 24: Point of View



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