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May 28

Writing Fantasy

Fantasy has, as it roots, imagination and perspective. In a mystery it's enough for us know who the monster is. In a horror story it's enough for us to know there is a monster. In science-fiction we have to know why the monster is there and where it comes from. In fantasy, however, we need to know why people think it's a monster.

Fantasy is more a reflection on life than a mere story. Sure, its entertainment, but it also allows us to look at things in a different light. In the same way different fonts make text appear different.


June 25

How the Modern Library System Works
Adam Traub

Libraries have long held a position of importance in societies – as collectors of information, and more broadly as guardians of community stories and culture. While the need and desire for a library has remained consistent throughout history, the look, feel and services provided by this public institution have certainly changed. In this rapidly changing world, what does a modern library look like?

78 percent say libraries should definitely offer programs to teach people how to use digital tools such as computers, smartphones and apps. Librarians now are facilitators of 21st century literacy, using technology to more efficiently help people find content and are thus able to reduce back office work and spend more time away from their desks, interacting with patrons.

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