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January 26

Business Meeting

As I sit at a table surrounded by reds,
I feel so inferior, blue fills my head.
They spill out black and blue to all I’ve said,
The air is a blend of purple-grey lead.
Pink and peach flow from what I’ve read,
To think I awoke from whiteness of my bed ...

Business Meeting

February 23

Critique Session

Email your entry and contact information to: lcrwmembership@gmail.com.The following information should be on the first page before your story begins. (You may wish to copy/paste the following to your manuscript to answer them.)

  • Genre:
  • Demographic (target audience):
  • How long is the final piece (short story, novel):
  • Is there backstory we need to know to understand what is going on:
  • Where does this fit in your manuscript (i.e.: two-thirds of the way through):
  • What questions do you wish answered:

Critique Session



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Future Meetings

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  • January 26: 2019 Business Meeting
  • February 23: Critique Session
  • March 23: Lawyer -- Duane Basch
  • April 27: TBD
  • May 25: Kathy Shea
  • June 29: Critique Session

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