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August 28

Meetings will be held virtually

The need for 3 Bios with Charli Mills

Writing your author bio can be a daunting task, but a well-crafted bio can help readers learn more about what makes you and your books so interesting. 

Here's a sample:

H. G Parry lives in a book-infested flat on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand, which she shares with her sister, a cat, three guinea pigs, and two overactive rabbits. She holds a Phd in English Literature from the University of Wellington, and has taught English, film, and media studies.

Why it's good: This is an excellent example of an author bio. Parry included information about her education and personal interests, all in their unique and compelling voice.


September 25

End of COVID Picnic

The Bible tells us that "there is a time for weeping and a time for laughing, a time for wailing and a time for dancing." Okay, maybe not a time for dancing, but at least a time to get out of our holes and look at the sun.




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  • August 28: The need for 3 Bios with Charli Mills
  • September 25: End of COVID Picnic
  • October 16 and 23: Critique session
  • November 27: Elections
  • December 11: Christmas Party



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