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October 23

Critique Session

LCRW will present three critique sessions each year. Works of up to 2500 words in any genre will be reviewed by group members with feedback and comments. Facilitator: Steve Yates.



November 20

Ins and Outs of Book Covers

A good book cover needs to grab attention immediately, be striking, beautiful, clean and professionally made, but also let readers know instantly the basic genre. Then, to make sure readers know the genre immediately, they will use fonts and colors that match the general design standards for that genre.

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  • October 23: Critique session
  • November 20: Ins and Outs of Book Covers
  • December 11: Holiday party at Kathy Shay's


  • January 22 - annual planning meeting
  • February 26 - Making your own Podcast
  • March 26 - Critique
  • April 23 - how to get reviewers - Kathy Shay
  • May 28 - policeman occupation - Dave Cole



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