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September 26

Meetings will be held virtually

Punctuation -- Rick Taubold

A presentation that goes over some of the stickier points of punctuation. Discover punctuation guides that will help you vary and clarify your sentences. Please send in any situations or usage problems that challenge you. Questions and Suggestions welcome. They will help guide me. Send them to  ricktaubold@gmail.com.


October 24

Meetings will be held virtually

Self-Publishing for Regular Folk -- Kim Gore

Kim Gore, author of several self-published books, guides you through the steps necessary to produce both an eBook and a paperback edition for your novel. This includes creating a cover, formatting the interior, making decisions on where to upload your work, and all the delicious trimmings that go along with making your novel ready to sell in the online marketplace. This is going to be an intense, face-paced course designed to help you understand what goes into self-publishing for both pleasure and profit.




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  • September 26: Puncuation
  • October 24: Self-Publishing for Regular Folk
  • November 28: Critique session
  • December: Holiday Party


  • January 23: Annual Business neeting and Hit Me With Your Best Tip
  • February 27: TBA or Bring Out Your Tales
  • March 27: Critique session



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