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August 27

How to Revise Your First Draft

Charli Mills

Session One: Revise Your First Draft

A multimodal approach to turning a first draft into a successful manuscript. Regardless of genre, literary format, or memoir revision remains a key component to completion. In this workshop, you will learn how to review a first draft, set realistic goals for your completed manuscript, and learn how professional authors and editors use revision plans. Revision is often the missing step between drafting and editing. Participants will define personal success and craft individualized revision plans to further goals as authors. This single document evolves with a writer over time, books, and publication. A revision plan serves as a communication guide throughout the editing and workshopping processes.

Session Two: Market Your Book Like a Maverick

When it comes to marketing, the first rule is to align your product with a target audience. We will bust the myth, "write it, and they will read." You must define who your book's readers are. Without a target, your marketing efforts are aimless. Once you know who your market is, you can get creative with your tactics. A maverick thinks independently and makes bold moves. In this workshop, you will identify your target audience, create a persona for your ideal reader, and brainstorm ways to reach your readers. From these exercises, you will be on your way to developing a maverick marketing plan that will increase your book sales or launch a new book.

Revising Your First Draft

September 24

Chat Worthy Chapters

Kim Gore

It's important, when you are reviewing another author's work to avoid trying to get them to change the story from one they want to tell to one you want to tell. It important to recognize a piece of art when it is well executed… even if it is not our favorite style. It's important to judge a piece on what it is trying to do and measure it against how well it achieves that goal. There should be art that we just don't like.

Brandon Sanderson

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  • August 27 - How to Revise Your First Draft - Charli MIlls
  • September 24 - Chat Worthy Chapters - Kim Gore
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