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April 24

Meetings will be held virtually

Point of View

One of the most debated topic among novelists is the confusion over point of view. Even veteran writers can get in a fog about it. But it's important to your storytelling. If not handled correctly, in subtle and almost unconscious ways, the impoact of your story is diluted.


May 22

Meetings will be held virtually

Airport Management

Rick Iekel

A small complex of offices housing the Airport Manager and his staff could be found, prior to 1989, at the end of a quiet hallway adjacent to the United Airlines baggage claim area.

Most did not know it was there. A few, ready to lodge a complaint or offer their considered opinion about some facet of passenger experience were able to locate it. Most of the time, though, the work of caring for this 1100 acre facility carried on uninterrupted by paging announcements, background music, or airplanes coming and going.

ROC Airport




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  • April 24: Point of View
  • May 22: Airport Management with Rick Iekel
  • June 26: ORN Operations with Lee Nelson and Adrianne Mann
  • July 24 and 31: Critique session
  • November 27: Critique session



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