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October 27

Making the Cut, an editing workshop led by Kim Gore

Now that you've finished the first draft of your book, it's time for the excruciating part: editing. Some people view editing as a way to fix those little spelling and grammatical errors that get in the way of a good read. But any writer worth their ink knows that's just a small part of the process. In Kim Gore's interactive writing workshop, she will explain the tricks she's learned, including:

  • Striking passages that don't move the story forward (no matter how lovely the prose)
  • Ridding your work of the dreaded "-ly" adverbs, and what to use in substitution
  • Locating dull or repetitive words and cliche phrases that put readers to sleep
  • Fixing pacing issues that either slow the story down or rush a scene into confusion
  • Discovering where your character's arc has flattened

Bring a pen and paper because you'll be rewriting some very special passages that need a little loving in order to make them glow. Feel free to bring a work in progress.

November 17

Rick Tauboid

Format lengths, trimming and expanding stories as needed.

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  • November 17: Format lengths, trimming and expanding stories as needed. Rick Taubold
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