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August 25

Marketing your self-published book with Rick Iekel

Now that you’ve self-published your book, all you have to do is sit back and watch the sales roll in—right? Wrong! Your book will be competing with thousands of other titles in your genre. If you want to build sales, you need to make your self-published book stand out and grab your audience’s attention. A good marketing strategy is key.


September 22

Critique Session

Email your entry and contact information to: lcrwmembership@gmail.com.The following information should be on the first page before your story begins. (You may wish to copy/paste the following to your manuscript to answer them.)

  • Genre:
  • Demographic (target audience):
  • How long is the final piece (short story, novel):
  • Is there backstory we need to know to understand what is going on:
  • Where does this fit in your manuscript (i.e.: two-thirds of the way through):
  • What questions do you wish answered



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Future Meetings

More Events

  • September 22: Critique Session
  • October 27: Ruth Thaler-Carter: Tips on how to edit it yourself before you hire an editor and find an editor when you’re ready for one. Writers!
  • November 17: Format lengths, trimming and expanding stories as needed. Rick Taubold
  • December ??: Holiday Party date and location TBA

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