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I've noted that we have the least number of meetings of any writer's group in a city of our size or larger... world-wide. Sure, there are lots of small-town or local library groups that only meet once a month. Anyway, look at this excerpt from the Dallas Fort Worth writer's group:

… meets EVERY Wednesday, regardless of holidays or weather. We welcome visitors to come to any of these regular weekly meeting[s]. There is no need to notify us in advance, just show up! [These are] our read-and-critique sessions, but… feel free to get to know us by chatting and mingling during the break periods.

The process has proven very successful over the years, with more than 325 traditionally published books so far. If you're serious about honing your writing, this is the place to be!

The Dallas /Fort Worth group has been at it, weekly, since 1977. JRR Tolkien used to meet with writers every week as well… and trust me Oxford is not a bigger town (155k vs. 206k.) "Readings and discussions of the members; unfinished works were the principal purposes of meetings. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet, and Williams's All Hallows' Eve were among the novels first read to the Inklings."


So why a meeting reading your work and not looking at someone else's printed word in advance? Quite simply reading out loud slows you down. It allows you to approach each page as if someone else had written it. Tics in the writing begin to leap out at you – awkward phrasing, run-on choppy sentences, a tendency to repeat the same word over and over.


So, here is the proposal. Every Tuesday, at 8 PM, I'll host a Zoom meeting for LCRW Inklings. No one has to worry about parking or driving to Gates. People can come… if they want. Or not if they don't. And, by all means, you don't need to come every week. Come when you want.  It would be a chance for people to read what they are working on and get feedback from the other people in the Zoom meeting. They wouldn't be regular meetings, just a sub-group. Nobody needs to put anything down on paper in advance, make line numbers or worry about Times-Roman fonts. It would not be a meeting about spelling mistakes or missing commas. It wouldn't be about typos but looking for broader issues like plot improbabilities. And maybe… just maybe… it'll encourage people to write more. Folks can use the time to test out their submissions. (Like Kim's book.) Or they can try out their LCRW Round-Robin ideas.

We won't do any business, plan any events, or have presentations… just read, listen, and comment.

A writer can write endlessly in a small closet, but until their works touch the mind of another, it's impossible to tell how far they will reach into an audience. Writers can always have other people read their works, but nothing can quite have the impact of a person's face as they experience a story.

Join us as we share the experience of hearing new stories, told for the very first time.

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