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Attack of the Poetry Virus

By Jean Verno

This is the poem I wrote many years ago. It is made up of samples of the many different poetic forms but certainly not all of them. It was fun to do and I hope fun to read. The book is widely available from the Monroe County Library System www.libraryweb.org.

Attack of the Poetry Virus: A collection of poems inspired by "A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms" by Paul B. Janeczko.


Dr. Phil McGraw
Let out a huge guffaw
He said "You are crazy
but clearly not lazy.


Oh me, oh my it's such hard work
Indulging this eccentric quirk.
The poetry virus has me inert
I must consult a brain expert.


Soon it becomes quite serious
To have this malady mysterious
And rhyme compulsively 'till delirious

Couplet 1

It may start slowly
With rhymes so lowly.

Couplet 2 (always 2)

But working with poetic forms
One must honor poetic norms.


This attack of the poetry virus
Serves to annoy and to tire us
It's so outside the norm
This attack of the poetry virus  
For we must speak in form
And rhyme up a storm
This attack of the poetry virus
Serves to annoy and to tire us.





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