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John Steele

Struggling Wanna Be Author

I am a retired electrical engineer / inventor. After taking an adult education class on creative writing along with my wife, Sally, I tried writing a Young Adult story. With life in the way, it still needs much work and sits among the cobwebs in my computer’s cloud waiting for me to return. I have a couple of successes, one with a how-to article for a train magazine and an entry in an anthology created by another writing group that meets at the Barnes and Noble store in Greece, NY. I enjoy trying to be an editor for the works that my wife has created. I also have spent some time working on a how-to book about water collection systems for rain water. If I ever find enough time in between my other interests, this may actually become a real book someday.

Personal website link:https://sites.google.com/site/johnsteele2012/home





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