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By Sally Steele


            I knew it would be today.  I could feel it in my bones as the gray dawn streamed through my window this morning.  My last morning.  My last sunrise.

            I got up and made myself breakfast.  No quick coffee and toast.  Not this morning.  I wanted to linger just a little longer.  Eggs and home fries were on my menu, but I knew that no matter how much I dawdled, the inevitable would happen.

            I tidied up my apartment and made sure everything was in order.  I would have left a note for someone, if there was someone to leave a note to.  I dressed for the occasion, putting on my favorite frock, topping off the ensemble with a scarf and gloves. 

            I picked up the latest book I was reading and strolled to the park.  I smiled at passing pedestrians, but no one noticed me.  It had begun.  I sat down on a park bench and opened my book.  A few chapters later I faded away, leaving my dress, my book, my gloves and my shoes behind.  Not that anyone cared. I was that kind of person – invisible.

            Good-bye world.  It was nice while it lasted.





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