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Connie Murphy Mystery #7

By BarbaraHelene Smith

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Cheat To Win

Connie Murphy is a senior drug investigator with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. She is dedicated to protecting public health and safety, but while conducting seemingly routine inspections, intrigue and danger intervene.

In Cheat to Win, Connie learns her pre-approval inspection at Triple A Labs was suddenly and unexpectedly cancelled. This is highly unusual because the company's investigational new drug application is nearing approval. Days later, Connie discovers that Triple A's application has been deleted from the FDA files, and the FDA reviewer who was working on the application has disappeared. It's Connie's job to find out what is going on.

Also available on Amazon.com, Connie Murphy Mysteries E-books 1-6 in paperback and Assume Nothing, four short mysteries about ordinary women who find themselves in extraordinary situations while looking for the truth. Each story is a standalone with the mystery solved at the end.

The Connie Murphy Mysteries are based on the author's experience as an FDA investigator, with a little imagination thrown in for good measure. The stories are fast-paced, and the twisting plots will keep your attention to the end. As you proceed through the series, Connie grows as an investigator, and you get to know her personality, interests, family, love life, and more.

Coming soon: Detour to Danger, Connie Murphy Mystery #8.


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