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Do Tell For It May Break

Lee Nelson

Love has never been a question,

so it's never been a question of love.

If either of us were to leave tomorrow,

"I don't love you anymore,"

for all our dysfunctions

will never be our dysfunction.

It would be the Devil's world,

but these are the Devil's words,

and they would be a blasphemy

to our fled unity.


We've lived what love can do,

and it's been just enough

 to live what love can do.

It's been enough to surmise

what our love will do,

and enough to know

love isn't enough.


What is enough

our love does not portend

anymore than love.

How can love be so fickle

Yet still the essence?


We've fought to far ends

and back again

and will again.

What is enough

must reveal.


It must reveal

for our fled unity

would be the Devil's world,

surely as we reckon

the devils of our world,


And for embrace or absence,

we will know what love can do,

and we will surely know

what our love can do,


And we will indeed discover

what love didn't do,

and what our love

has done.






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