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BarbaraHelene Smith

BarbaraHelene Smith, Woman of Mysteries

Like most writers, I have a story to tell. The Connie Murphy Mysteries are based on my experience as an FDA investigator, with a little imagination thrown in for good measure.

Connie Murphy is a senior drug investigator with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. She is dedicated to protecting public health and safety, but while conducting seemingly routine inspections, intrigue and danger intervene.

The paperback incorporates three published e-books in the Connie Murphy Mystery series: Books 1-3 (Death by Dysfunction, Sidelined by Steroids, and Trials and Tribulations) and Book 4-6 (Dark as Chocolate, Hide and Seek, and Catch a Thief). Each e-book is a standalone. As you proceed through the series, Connie grows as an investigator, and you get to know her personality, interests, family, love life, and more. 

The Connie Murphy Mysteries and Assume Nothing (four short mysteries about ordinary women who find themselves in extraordinary situations, while searching for the truth) are available on Amazon.com. The e-books can be downloaded onto your Kindle, tablet, phone or computer, and can be read in a couple of hours while on a beach, an airplane, by the pool, next to a fire on a cold winter afternoon or sitting in a comfy chair with a steaming cup of coffee, tea or a glass of your favorite wine.

I belong to several writing groups: Lilac City Rochester Writers, Wild About Writing, Word Crafters, and Poway Pen and Ink. Some of my short stories and poetry also have been published in Horrendous Halloween Anthology; Howling Halloween Anthology, IdeaGems Magazine, The Storyteller, Adventures of the Average Woman, and Crusin' Style Magazine. "Merry Christmas to You" won the May 2006 International Library of Poetry Editor's Choice Award.


When not writing, I like to travel, hike with friends, work on genealogy, and volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Coming soon: Connie Murphy Mystery #8 – "Detour to Danger" - Frank Allen's wife dies after he purchased her medication on the Internet. FDA investigator Connie Murphy must determine if the drug caused her untimely death and how it was sold by an untraceable online organization. Her investigation tangles with an ongoing DEA case and leads her to confront drug traffickers in Bermuda.

Barb had written: Dark as Chocolate, A New Dawn, Home, The Encounter, Catch a Thief (Excerpt), Cheat to Win (Excerpt)

Death by Dysfunction Assume Nothing Sidelined by Steroids Trials and Tribulations
CONNIE MURPHY MYSTERIES Dark as Chocolate Hide and Seek To Catch a Thief
Books 4-6 Cheat To Win Detour to Danger  





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