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Mary Lou Heilman

In the past, the distant past, I had sold non-fiction articles to American Baby, Women's Circle, and AARP's Modern Maturity, which was picked up by Woman's World.  Then life got in the way.

Lately, I've been lucky enough to discover Lilac City Rochester Writers, and have learned a lot about the craft of writing fiction.

I've always been interested in reading and writing. Mostly reading, telling myself that reading is how you learn to be a writer. Whether true or not, it is also a way of procrastinating, instead of actually creating words. It was only after creating a lot of those words that I learned things like character development and story arc.

I had created an earlier novel about Sasha Garibova that lies buried in a drawer. I mainly use it as a resource for my present work, which is mystery novel about Sasha, a young Russian scientist at a DNA conference in Washington, D.C.  She is at a reception when she sees the fabled Blue Madonna icon that put her in danger in the past. Then she hears a voice she'd rather not hear again, that of Hong Kong resident, Dr. Liu, the unwitting father of her five-month-old baby, Cara. Sasha wants to immediately return to her home, St. Petersburg, Russia, but she and Cara are stopped at the airport. Dr. Liu has been found dead, and the Blue Madonna icon is missing.

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